Career help
Kenny has helped coach me and guide my life in so many ways. When I was 21 he sat me down and asked me what my career goals were. As I told him what my ultimate goals were and where my passion was he encouraged me to chase my dreams. That following September I was enrolled back into school and starting the program I had always dreamed of starting. He pushed me to do my best and always made sure I was doing ok through out the process. The days were hard and there were so many nights I just wanted to give up but Kenny was there to keep me focused on the end result. Not only has Kenny helped me to reach career goals he has helped guide me within my personal life as well. In the past two years I have faced some hard times and Kenny was right there to guide me and encourage me. He always has the perfect advice that I need to hear right in that moment. He has taught me so much about life, relationships and has lead me back to faith. When I have hit bottom he pointed me to what matters most in life. For this I will always be greatful.